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GIS Consulting

Move your city forward with geospatial data, systems, and processes with PSD Citywide’s customizable consulting services to meet the unique needs of your organization

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Create a new approach to decision making

Location intelligence isn't just about geolocation; it's influencing decision-making, uncovering new knowledge, predicting events & enhancing communication. Get expert guidance from our GIS specialists.
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GIS Data Health Check

Get a customized GIS data assessment, allowing you to easily improve or fill gaps in your geospatial data

GIS Dataset Creation & Management

Leveraging images, data, and geospatial information you already have, let us create and manage your GIS dataset for you

GIS Strategic Planning

Assess your state of geospatial maturity and develop a multi-year plan. Our experts will guide you through your GIS program development

GIS Solutions

EGIS, a completely customizable solution, provides your team with unique insights by linking your existing GIS tools or use it as a standalone system

GIS & Asset Management

Get real-time, up-to-date information, while improving productivity by linking GIS to your asset management program

Connecting People, Services & Data

Leverage the power of geospatial technology

value of geospatial technologies to Canada’s GDP
jobs generated in Canada from geospatial technologies
value of open geospatial data to Canada’s GDP

Geospatial Maturity Index

As the first international benchmarking initiative for public sector GIS programs, Geospatial Maturity Index facilitates the creation and maintenance of GIS programs and capacity building. The GMI has been operating for the last few years, with hundreds of governments now participating in the survey on 3 core competencies:

  • Readiness – The ability to establish and sustain a GIS program, which includes funding, staff capability, and management buy-in.
  • Implementation – The availability of tools, processes, and data to support robust GIS programming.
  • Impact – The program has generated diverse benefits for both the organization and the public.
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Use the right data to drive your success

Benchmark your progress based on real-time comparable data. PSD Citywide helps you move forward with confidence.

PSD Citywide Services

Trusted by hundreds of organizations across North America, experience our custom-tailored consulting solutions specifically designed for municipal groups.

Asset Management Consulting

Assess, plan, and implement with a comprehensive asset management program
Asset Management Consulting

Asset Management Plans

Produce a long-term plan that ensures the best overall health and performance of your municipality’s infrastructure
Asset Management Plans

Grant Services

Helping you and your team stay on top of important grant opportunities with research and grant writing services
Grant Services

Financial Consulting

We support finance leaders in improving financial budgeting, planning, reporting, and statements
Financial Consulting

GIS Consulting

Move your city forward with geospatial data, systems, and processes
GIS Consulting

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