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Grant Services

Submit successful applications – customized, researched, targeted, and on time.

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Available grants at your fingertips

PSD Citywide’s grant writing and notification services can help you assess criteria, gather information, and write and submit effective grant applications. Regular and customizable, our funding notifications keep you on top of new possibilities and in tune with suitable opportunities.

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Core Grants

Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP)

Up to 80% of the total eligible project to prioritize and create an asset management program
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Green Municipal Fund (GMF)

Funding to assist with resiliency efforts, retrofitting current municipal buildings, and altering practices to be more sustainable.
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Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP)

New COVID-resilience stream with expanded eligibility and accelerated approvals
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Canada Healthy Communities Initiative (CHCI)

Identify and fund local projects and solutions to address the challenges of COVID-19
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It’s time to apply!

With so many grant opportunities available, let our experts help you each step of the way.  Sign-up for a 30 day free trial and never miss a deadline again.

Grant services

We remind you or we do it for you. It's your choice.

Receiving a grant

Municipal Grant Service (MGS)

Grant money can help fill in the gaps of strained budgets and resources, but staying up to date on what’s offered, and writing effective applications is a challenge. The experienced PSD Citywide grant team can take the pressure off.

  • Weekly customized alerts on new grants
  • Timely briefings and webinars with grant overviews
  • Grant Hotline to answer all your questions
  • One free grant application review yearly
  • Discounted rates on our grant application service
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Municipal Grant Funding Applications

Our team of policy analysts and grant writers are ready to help municipalities, Indigenous organizations and other government agencies write and review grant applications. Our team keeps you in the know about what’s available to supplement your existing revenue streams. With years of public policy and administration experience, our analysts are well equipped to evaluate your success factors, and complete or review your application. Partnering with PSD Citywide you will receive:

  • Full briefing on the grant requirements
  • Assistance gathering appropriate information
  • Recommendations to ensure your application meets requirements
  • Professional writing and final editing

Research, Guides & More

PSD Citywide Services

Trusted by hundreds of organizations across North America, experience our custom-tailored consulting solutions specifically designed for municipal groups.

Asset Management Consulting

Assess, plan, and implement with a comprehensive asset management program
Asset Management Consulting

Asset Management Plans

Produce a long-term plan that ensures the best overall health and performance of your municipality’s infrastructure
Asset Management Plans

Grant Services

Helping you and your team stay on top of important grant opportunities with research and grant writing services
Grant Services

Financial Consulting

We support finance leaders in improving financial budgeting, planning, reporting, and statements
Financial Consulting

GIS Consulting

Move your city forward with geospatial data, systems, and processes
GIS Consulting