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Conservation Areas & Parks

Simplify your processes & save money with accurate data on all your conservation area & park assets.

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Managing conservation area and park assets and facilities can be more cost-effective.

With key data within your grasp, you can make smarter decisions. From mapping trails to watershed management, sign inspection to playground maintenance, your complex assets are managed simply by our software.

Any time. Anywhere.

Reduce your costs

Manage your budgets efficiently by basing plans and operations on accurate data-based assessments. Learn how PSD Citywide can help.

Keep assets & facilities up-to-date

Maintenance Manager (CMMS)

Stay on top of your conservation area and park’s upkeep by tracking regular maintenance and repairs in one easy-access data system. Monitor inspections and preventative maintenance schedules in a time and labour-efficient way.

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It's all here, right at your fingertips

Asset Management

Know at a glance the status of your diverse assets – lifecycle, risks, and replacement costs. Prepare for the future with asset management planning and actionable strategies.

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Visually manage your complex assets.


Keep track of all your conservation area and park assets, visually. Manage protected areas, map natural capital, and easily visualize asset location based on any criteria from anywhere.

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