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Asset Management Consulting

Prepare your community for a sustainable, resilient future.

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Asset Management Program Development

Building sustainable communities for the future

Our certified asset management consultants ensure the development of programs based on industry best practices. Our cross-disciplinary approach will provide your staff with lasting knowledge.

The world of asset management is changing.

And we are part of it.

Workshops & Implementations
Municipal staff trained

Steps to move your city forward

Work with our experienced asset management consultants to ensure the best performance of your municipality’s infrastructure. Our experts work closely with you and your staff to help develop programs specific to your needs and goals.
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Start with a clear understanding of your assets, processes, policies, data, and risks. With interactive training, we’ll help equip your staff to compile and store key data effectively, develop key business processes, and ultimately make informed decisions.


With a clear path forward, more in-depth planning can begin. We will help you determine your community's next steps based on your unique economic, social, environmental, political, and geographic characteristics.


Take action. Guided by our experts, your team will define, communicate, and deliver sustainable infrastructure levels of service for the community.

We know exactly what it takes

PSD Citywide’s consulting team includes engineers, geospatial technicians, chartered accountants, and former municipal executives. With decades of hands-on experience, our team is ready to walk you through every step of the process of planning, strategizing, and more.

Climate change adaptation plan

Be ready to face the impacts of climate change

Be supported

In partnership with UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) at Oxford University, PSD Citywide will provide your team with all the needed tools and training to achieve your goals.

Be Strategic

Aligning with asset management planning can save time and resources and can have a greater impact on infrastructure resilience compared to implementing these separately.

Be Adaptable

Raise the level of awareness. We will provide your team with climate change adaptation, asset management training, and a maturity workshop to assess your organization’s current state of practice.

Be knowledgeable

We'll review your asset inventory and using the results of the data gap analysis and state of maturity workshop, we'll develop a tailored Climate Change Adaptation Plan for your organization.
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Training & Software Implementation

With you every step of the way

Our team of trainers and asset management consultants assist clients to provide advanced training to core asset management teams and introductory training to broader support teams and decision-makers.

Data as a Service

Get the best quality & quantity of asset data

This model allows clients to access our support and expertise as needed, enabling the development and execution of asset and GIS data strategies that are realistic and best support the data goals of the organization.

Risk, Lifecycle & Levels of Service

Build frameworks for improved decision making

Develop and implement tailored frameworks for risk management and lifecycle management with our asset management consultants. Establish technical and community level of service metrics to better measure the success of your asset management program.

Asset Management Policies & Strategies

Set the course for your Asset Management Program

PSD Citywide’s AM Policy provides guiding principles and expected outcomes for your asset management program, while the AM strategy outlines your priority initiatives and detailed steps to establish a high-functioning, resilient Asset Management program.

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