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PSD Citywide Benchmarking

Benchmarking the maturity of public sector GIS and open data programs.

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Past Participants

Geospatial Maturity Index

The Geospatial Maturity Index (GMI) is PSD Citywide’s benchmarking study for GIS programs. The GMI survey is a tool for public sector organizations to measure the maturity of their GIS programs and serves as a resource to guide participants in advancing their GIS programs.

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Open Cities Index

In 2015, PSD Citywide launched the Open Cities Index (OCI), Canada’s first benchmarking study for municipal open data initiatives. Serving as a tool to measure the maturity of their open data programs, the OCI has provided context on how public sector organizations seek to advance and build open their open data work.

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Benchmarking Surveys

The GMI and OCI programs consistent of benchmarking surveys that evaluate the Readiness, Implementation, and Impact of open data and GIS programs across public sector organizations. The surveys serve as tools for organizations to benchmark the maturity of their programs among their peers, as well as frameworks that outlines action items organizations can work towards completing to enhance their programs in the future.


The capability to establish and sustain a GIS or open data program with funding and staff capacity, as well as buy-in from senior management and council.


The availability of tools, processes, and data to support a robust GIS or open data program.


The benefits that the program has yielded for both the organization and the public.

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